This was my first trip ever to Slovakia- it’s always fun to get to see a new place for the first time.

Quick stop (very quick, a few hours only) in parva Roma, “little Rome”, so-called because of all the churches.

Which means, church report:

Above is St. Nicolas church, one of the oldest churches in Trnava, built in the late gothic style in 1380 and finished in the middle of the 15th century.

These pictures are from inside a church. Which one? St. Nicolas? Another one? Beats me, I was just wandering and don’t remember anymore. But I think it’s St. Nicolas. Most importantly, check out the great light.

This door is part of the buildings of the University of Trnava. It’s super cool.img_3117

After checking out the churches and some of the side streets, we wandered into the town center, mainly looking for ice cream. Found some, walked around the shops.

Great few hours’ tour. #trnava