Toulouse. La Ville Rose. The pink city. My thoughts jump to its 17th-century Canal du Midi, the Japanese garden (yes, in Toulouse), the crepes. The wine. No matter how long your trip is to France, is it ever long enough?

Since I was in Toulouse for work, my sightseeing was limited. But it didn’t matter, every free moment, I gladly took. Every meal, glass of wine, stroll along the canals, the gardens, the city square.

Let’s begin with foreign beauty. Toulouse has a remarkable Japanese garden, the Jardin Compans Caffarelli. It’s a wonderful spot to have lunch or take a stroll.

IMG_0473 See? I told you.

Next up, a whisky tasting. I felt out the ‘e’, since these are Scotch whiskys. This was actually a work event- sometimes work can be so tough. Oh yeah, that brown circle on the spoon? That is the most delectable chocolate truffle I have ever tasted. In my life.


After “working”, a stroll around the Capitole and the Canal du Midi offered really pleasant sightseeing. A good tourism website here: Toulouse


Canal du Midi
My running path for the week
Me in front of the Capitole

We toured the Salles des Illustres in the Place du Capitole. Here you can see 19th century works of art, and in particular an enormous room of larger than life impressionist paintings by Henri Martin. It was spectacular. Don’t miss it. E6E52617-DB3D-4FEC-90BC-8D87D5908DB4


Me in front of one of the many huge Henri Martin paintings


I loved this carousel, which I stumbled upon as I meandered aimlessly around. It is the Carousel du Jardin Pierre Goudouli, and finding it in the middle of the city felt like a magical event. I wish my girls were with me to try it out.

Next up, the magical pink light. Bonjour, La Ville Rose!4D35D149-54D5-4F4D-920B-0617046879F9Late night crepes. Is there a better way to end a day? 13015100_10209231843095725_7602851171050048977_n