What to do when you find yourself without a plan on an autumn day in Copenhagen? Perhaps it’s time to visit a new country, have some lunch, explore a new town? Enter Sweden. Malmö and Lund, here we come.img_9525

Since we didn’t have too much going on last weekend, a train ride and a bit of exploration was definitely in order. The train ride from Denmark to Sweden is simple, and takes a little over an hour, just don’t forget your passport!

We spent most of our Swedish discovery day in Lund, where we tiptoed through a church, sampled a seafood smorgasbord, and walked the boulevards and statue-spotted. After this we caught just enough sunlight in Malmö for a quick walk, but not enough for any castle or cathedral viewing. Guess we have an excuse to head back.

Malmö, Sweden

In Lunds domkyrka, consecrated in 1145, there are definitely some cool things to see. The crypt is open to tour, and the enormous pillars, eerie lighting, and gratuitously-sized tombstones make it quite a sight. It is guarded by a statue of Giant Finn, a folklore giant famous in Sweden. His tale is similar to that of Rumplestiltskin.img_9519-2img_9529

The other super cool viewing opportunity in the cathedral is this horological wonder- Horologium mirabil Lundense, to be exact, an enormous and fantastic clock dating from 1424. This huge old clock measures the zodiac, the years, and dates. At specific times of the day, the clock chimes, and it has mechanical movement like a huge cuckoo clock. The people move on the clock and the audience stares with bated breath. It takes seriously 45 seconds. It’s a big deal.

Out front of the church is a statue called Skyddsmantelmadonnan, a secular interpretation of the Madonna (no, not that Madonna) as Mother Earth protecting, according to the sculptor Lena Lervik, the future of mankind.


Right across the square from the cathedral is the Kunghuset, or King’s House, built by the Danish king Frederick II and built to be a house for the bishop of Lund. It’s very castle-like and there are some very grumpy faces guarding the front door.img_9492-2

Following our visit around the cathedral, we ate at Kulturkrogen, a smorgasbord brunch buffet, and I could not have guessed that my girls would love it as much as they did. My eight year old was thrilled to get to try three different types of smoked salmon, three different pickled herrings, and then dessert, dessert, and more dessert. Both my children couldn’t stop raving. That’s a good review. Give it a try, smiles all around.